C-Jes downloads

  • For Windows: Stand-alone (39MB, includes java).  
    • Unzip & then run jes.exe
    • Notes for Windows 7/10
      • Windows needs to mark the downloaded files as trusted.  
      • After extracting the downloaded zip file:
        • Right-click on the folder you unzipped, select "properties"
        • Uncheck the "read-only" attribute box, then confirm (OK).  This operation may take a few seconds.
      • When you run (click on) JES
        • JES.bat will trigger a Windows protected your PC message.
        • Click on "More info" (not "OK"), then "Run anyway."
    • Experts only: Installing Java separately
  • For Mac:  
Do not use JES obtained from other web sites such as Georgia Tech's MediaComp project..
JES is missing critical features and useless for impact-STEM activities.

Eric Freudenthal,
Sep 17, 2013, 9:13 PM