iMPaCT-Math's algebra-1 lessons are primarily intended to supplement  high-school classrooms.  These threaded modules include teachers' notes, lesson plans, PowerPoint slide shows  and assessment instruments.  Write to Eric and he'll send you a link to the dropbox where they live.

Presently, these lessons are tailored for Texas Instruments' Ti83 and Ti84 calculators because they are ubiquitous in Texas math classrooms.  We plan on extensions for Casio calculators and Microsoft's try F Sharp with iMPaCT environment.

Visit the resources page for reference cards and to learn about calculators and emulators.

Very advanced stuff:
  • Wanna peek at some of our early work for a pre-calc class taught in Spring 2011?  See our old lesson page.
  • Here's a Giant Swing that we're designing

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