Collaboration and Academic Integrity Policy

  • Objectives
    • Lab activities are intended to strengthen student understandings and mastery of physics concepts.
    • This learning requires that everybody reason through their own answers to lab assignments. 
  • Permitted collaboration 
    • It's ok to help each other figure out the instructions, discuss the videos, and help each other understand how to solve the problems.. 
  • Limitations and requirements 
    • While it is ok to discuss problem-solving approaches and results, each student should determine their own answers . 
    • It is cheating (academic dishonesty) to submit solutions you neither discovered nor are prepared to (re)create. 
    • All significant collaborations and use of external sources other than class materials must be reported. 
  • Warnings 
    • There will be individualized quizzes (with different questions for each student) in lab class related to this homework. 
    • We can easily detect and will report cases of academic dishonesty.