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Lab 1 Homework

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Hand in to your TA at the beginning of your second lab session.
You may want to bring a photocopy for your own reference.

Getting Help

Members will benefit from answers to questions others have already asked, and can help others get unstuck too
It may work more conveniently if you use your gmail address


  • Step 1: Arrange access to needed equipment.  You'll need:
    • A USB flash memory drive with at least 250 megabytes (one quarter gigabyte) of free space.  You will use it for homework all semester and should bring it to lab.
    • Access to a windows computer capable of playing videos with sound with a high speed internet connection
      • Any computer lab at UTEP would be fine, but you'll need to bring your own headphone with a 3.5mm plug
      • A home computer or laptop with speakers or headphone and high speed internet connection would be fine too.  
        • UTEP's wireless internet or DSL may not sustain the needed connection speed 
        • Please use a headphone if you watch these videos in a public place
      • cJES can work on a linux or mac computer, but we can't help.  
        • Don't delay your homework trying to figure this out!
        • cJES is not JES
          • Versions of JES distributed by Georgia Tech's MediaComp project are missing important features needed for this course
  • Step 2: Download, unzip, and learn to start cJES  
    • You only need to do this once.  You will use cJES in every lab this semester.
    • Unzip to a folder named "cjes" on your USB flash drive.
    • To start JES, click on the "jes.exe" program in the cjes folder.
    • Also: Bring your USB drive to labs!
  • Step 3: Obtain the Lab 1 homework (lab2 prep) worksheet 
    • Download and print either of the following (the two files contain the same worksheet)
    • Note:
      • Every lab will have a prep worksheet due at the beginning of each lab session
    • Two approaches
      • Easiest: Print the worksheet and answer the questions using a pen or pencil
      • Ambitious: download the file and answer using word.  Note that you will need to draw some graphics (word supports this, but you'll need to know its fancy features and fuss a bit)
  • Step 4: Follow the worksheet instructions while using the internet-connected windows computer and cJES from your USB drive
    • They require you to answer questions after watching each of six short (2 to 7 minute) instructional videos
      • Links to the videos are at the end of this web page
      • You can watch or pause each video as many times as you like.
    • The first three sections are required, the last three are optional for extra credit.
    • The worksheet should require less than 90 minutes to complete.

    Collaboration and academic integrity

    All of these short (2-7 minute) instructional videos are in HD. 
    • If a video appears fuzzy, click on the gear symbol and select the highest resolution.  
    • If they are too small, you can select a larger image or full screen views.
    Links:to videos
    If you get stuck, join this group and ask for help:!forum/utep-mechanics-cjes-help (it may work more conveniently if you use your gmail address) 
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    Sep 13, 2013, 9:31 AM
    Eric Freudenthal,
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    Eric Freudenthal,
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