Getting started on the TI89 (almost a tutorial)

To reset calculator to default (warning - you lose all programs)
* Blue-2nd Mem(6)
* F1 to reset
To get program menu: quit whatever program is running
* blue 2nd, quit

To navigate crosshair cursor, visit the Graph screen
* Green diamond + Graph (F3)
* navigate using arrow keys
* coordinates "xc" and "yc" indicated on screen bottom
* observe: x, y range; x, y interval

If x or y interval is not unit:
* due to x and y range not equal to image dimensions in pixels
** height = 159
** width = 77

To adjust x and y range, set "window" parameters
* Green diamond + window (F2)
* to put origin at left-bottom:
** xmin = 0, xmax = 158, ymin = 0, ymax = 76
* to put origin up 20 pixels
** ymin = -20, ymax = 56 

To enable/disable drawing of axes
* First display window parameters 
** Green diamond + window (F2)
** Select tools menu (F1, as indicated on LCD)
** At very bottom (scroll down): select Format
** arrows to "axes", right arrow for on/off; enter

To draw artifical x axis:
* Y= menu
* Set Y1 to 0.  
* Will be plotted automatically every time screen is cleared.

To edit a program
* start at main menu (2nd quit whatever else is running)
* select :Prgm editor on LCD
* if new, will need to provide a name (variable)
* when done, just quit out (no undo)

To run a program "p"
* select "home".  There's a button called home.  Use it.
* at bottom, type p(), then enter. parentheses are needed

Some sample programs
* to type relational "test" operators (e.g. <) Press 2nd Math(5), test

:While x<30
:PtOn x,y

:While x<30
:PtOn x,y

This page was constructed by Alex Ogrey and Eric Freudenthal